The beauty of sea

Looking at the vast sea,  we can see how beautiful it is. The peaceful sea that we see is filled with beautiful creatures inside that we can not sea. Many people dive into the sea and there are many who can live by the sea.  The reason why the sea is very essential is that water purifies dirt that comes into it. And sea creatures can still live under even though water is dirty. The coral reefs that have been a hiding place of fishes and playing ground is one of the wonders in the sea. They have been haunted by divers and all ocean guard in order to take them as treasure.  Nowadays,  coral reefs are found to be dead.

In the sea,  there are pearls and sea weeds that are beneficial for mankind.  However,  pearls are already vanishing because there are not many pearls in the sea even since the beginning of time. In the sea, more and more people looks wandering because they want to see the beauty of the inside and be proud of it.

By its surface,  it can be seen when its dirty or not. The sea is good for swimming when it is clear. There are still many beautiful and clear sea in the whole world that are being used for commercial fishing,  swimming and many more. Someday,  the clear and beautiful sea will no longer be nice if being abused.  This us why the beautiful seas should be preserved and no loner be commercialized because it is very dangerous.