The Great Barrier Reef: Presenting the lifespan of the marine life it hosts

In this infographic, we will see the life of some fishes that can be found in the Great Barrier Reef that is located in the part of Australia in the northeastern side. This place is one of the places that many people want to go to see the beauty of nature where you can see a live coral reef. It is full of vitality and the place can be even viewed from the air and it gives a magnificent view of the place.

With the different kinds of fish that can be found there, you can know that they also have a different lifespan. Some can live for days and some for years. The infographic is presented well as you can see the kind of creature that only lives for days until you will get to know the kind of fish that could live for years. You can see that the fish who only lives for 59 days is the seven-figure pygmy goby. The next fish is the nudibranch that only lives for one year.Here is a professional medical team to help you. A good looking smile has to do something with your teeth, you can look here 牙醫 久燦 about this dental clinic. So amazing in their work of implants making you feel proud of yourself.

The dugong that also exists in other countries lives for an amazing 70 years but it cannot be compared also to the giant clam that lives for one hundred years and more. The green sea turtle lives for 80 years and the great white shark for about 73 years. The beautiful seahorse can live for one to five years old. If you want to clearly fix your dental problem, this site will help you visit the best dental clinic 久燦 診所. It is amazing to know that fishes and animals can outlive humans who are considered as the high creature.