How Contaminated is the Global Sea

The sea is a very beautiful place that was created for the survival of mankind. The sea provides water and food that all mankind need. Sea is the source of living. However there was a recent study explaining that the sea is already contaminated. 70 percent of the earth is a body of water, this means that water is life. And that no one can live without water.And among 70 percent,  50 percent is already contaminated with toxic chemicals that could kill the animals roaming under the sea.

It is proven by the plants, dying like algal bloom. The algal bloom proves that there are so many chemicals going onto water. After the algae die, this becomes too much for the sea animals which makes them die.  They are too much suffocated in the decay of plants. Sometimes, killed fishes are just dying and are swept onto the shore. Animals, when they are not taken care,  die in the sea although salt water tries to purify all the toxic wastes in the sea.

Even cor reefs and see weeds are dying. Harmful chemicals are too much for them.  Although they can fight with all their strengths,  they will surely die.  There is also a ban in using dynamite to kill fishes but still they can no longer live.  Actually, not many people go seek happiness from the sea but the sea is being destroyed gradually.  This makes it hard for people to see the wonders of the sea.  Pitiful is the vast territory of water if neglected to be taken care.