Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Under the Sea

Here are the most dangerous sea creatures under the sea that all people who are going into the sea should be very careful of.

Tiger Shark. Shark is one of he biggest animals in the sea and this is one of the most dangerous animals that can be found under the sea. Most of all the small fishes are their prey. Sharks do not eat people but tiger shark is possible to attack in depending on the situation.



Jellyfish is the most dangerous sea creature because when their flesh touches human skin, the skin becomes swollen and the skin becomes red. In fact, many are hospitalized because the wound it causes are severe and can be deadly too.


Crocodiles are found to eat human flesh. Actually, crocodiles do not eat human flesh in realty but they attack them due to their harsh nature and personality. They just want to distinguish a prey from not.


A shark can be seen when attacking but stonefish can not be noticed because of its appearance.

The name connotes its appearance and this can be as dangerous as the jelly fish.

Electric Eels

These eels are deadly when they strike someone with their electric power. They do not eat humans but hey can kill them in a blow. This is why no matter what happens, divers or anyone who wants to stay under the sea should at least be very careful of these.They attack suddenly and with their thin body, it is very hard to notice them.