Discovering the unexplored world underneath and the most endangered creatures

It is already a known and established facts that the world is full and covered with the ocean. It forms the largest part of the world with a 90% and more space of coverage. Others say 99% and others could say 91%. Whatever it is, the point is that it is the biggest part of the planet but only a very little percentage of it was discovered or explored. It is not easy to do so as many nations concentrated on space discoveries. Let’s see then some of the facts.

One of the fact in the infographic is that a blue whale has the heart with the size of the Volkswagen car. You can now imagine how big it can get. It can get bigger than the dinosaurs. Another fact is that the jellyfish that is well known have lived fist and in existence before the time of the dinosaurs and the sharks. Here is a good agency to help you in your visa good read here 泰雅旅遊. As there is the fastest land animal, there is also the fastest fish in the ocean and that is the marlin and the swordfish.

There are more amazing facts you can read in the infographic. In the middle part, they presented the problems that are happening in the ocean and what causes them. The last part is the list and explanations or descriptions of the five sea creatures. In the list includes the bluefin tuna, sea turtles, coral, gray whale, and vaquita. If you want to travel here, renew your visa from this travel agency 台胞證 期限. Pollution in the ocean contributes much to the death of the ocean and also the other different threats.