Presenting the facts and figures of the negative effect of by catch

Even if the act is not intentional but it could bring a great disastrous effect then it is not good for it to be done. The one thing that should not be done and should be lessened is the bycatch the fishermen have. It may be the individual fishermen or the big companies who have their own fishing vessels and advanced technological equipment that usually caused the bycatch in the ocean that is not really good. That is why let us see the different facts and figures.

You can see a number of discarded marine creatures that are considered not to be eaten or not to be sold as they are not according to the standard or quality check. You can see the highest four marine products that are being discarded after they are caught. If you will see the facts it is not good because there is more waste than those who are to be used. there are many resources used and it is just wasted but the sadder is that marine life could disappear. Look at this beautiful company of plastic surgery. You can see info 醫美 in here where people are fascinated with their great service. This one is the best and trusted by many.

In the lower part of the infographic, you can see the list of tonnes of discarded marine products in four areas that are divided and you can see clearly the list. The Northwest Pacific area is the one that has the highest record of discarded marine products that are caught already. That is why we should be aware so that we could make effort as we also depend on the marine products for the source of protein.