Ways to Protect Sea Creature

Animals like fish in the sea are very important in human’s source of life today. Most fisherman are really engage in catching many fishes in the sea just to have a source of income and use it for their family. That is why many of them are using many ways just to catch many fishes in the sea, even if it’s not good for the health of the water. Many are using like dynamite fishing that is prohibited by the government to use because it destroys the corals in which is the house of fishes.

We must learn how to protect our only source of life on this earth, because if we continue to harm this natural resources then our life would be in vain. So we must do some ways that will make the world be protected from harmful things. Let us make our sea clean and not use any poisonous things that will harm our sea water. Just like throwing garbage in the sea and using some things that is not good for the health of the sea water.

We should be using a natural ways to catch fish in the sea. We should use appropriate net size so that other small sizes of fishes cannot be catch and they will have a chance to grow more bigger. Following some of this rules can contribute a big help to the environment and healthy life for the fishes and natural resources under the sea water. So, we should be a good citizen and let us protect and save our mother earth.